World Digital Currency Forum initiated by World Digital Currency Bank. 

It is an neutral, non-profit, unofficial international organization

 More than 50 countries participate. 

The forum is headquartered in Hong Kong


Bring together leaders of the traditional world and leaders of the digital currency world Let these world-class thought leaders conduct open dialogues and collisions, and communicate directly on the issues of blockchain and digital currency that affecting global, regional and industry agendas, and finally achieve a series of meaningful and practical results.


Membership organization 

*Bringing together elite leaders who have influence and motivation to drive positive 

 change in all walks of life 

*Establish extensive relationships with political, academic, and media executives 

 around the world 

*Thousands of large multinational companies in various regions of the world 

*Driving world-class change 

 The platform of wisdom collision 

Exchange of views on major world issues 

*Focusing on the annual meeting of the Forum, and assisting in holding a series 

 of seminars, summit forums, roundtable forums, quarterly summits 

*Studying a series of major global political, economic, financial, cultural and 

 other major world issues triggered by digital currency 

*An important paradox platform for global hotspot issues or trending issues