Forum purpose
  • Bridge

    It focuses on the field of digital currency and the whole world, it will build a bridge for ideological exchange and dialogue in the fields of politics, economy and finance of human society, and leverage the evolution and development of human society towards digital civilization.

  • Platform

    It provides a high-level platform for political leaders, business leaders, leaders of international organizations, experts and scholars, and blockchain industry leaders, etc. to exchange views on a series of global political, economic, financial, cultural and other major world issues triggered by digital currency.

  • Service

    Through the exchange network established by the Forum with the political, business and academic circles, it provides services for the growing economic cooperation between members and non -members

Concept· Mission·Vision·Value
Characteristics of the Forum

Business of the Forum
  • Series Meeting

    Digital currency-themed forum annual meeting and a series of seminars, summit forums, roundtable forums, quarterly summits, etc

  • Initiative

    With digital currency as the basic topic, we propose a series of valuable initiatives or declarations to guide global regulation in the field of digital currency, track the global trend of blockchain development, and promote and strengthen the partnership of the world's governments and commercial entities in the digital currency field.

  • Membership

    The forum is a global membership-based neutral organization. The forum uses global members as a carrier to establish a network of relationships and communication among members worldwide. It provides a platform for communication and collaboration among members, and builds a global shared resource and network of contacts, highlighting the membership. Global cooperation to promote the evolution and d

  • Research and training, rating Center

    With digital currency as the basic topic, we will create an internationally influential research and training center to provide the world's most advanced research results and intellectual support to governments, academic research institutions, and business groups around the world, and to independently or cooperatively carry out a series of assistance. Conference, exhibition, information exchange,